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.fo – new domain offer: Faroe Islands

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.fo domainsThe domain ending .fo stands for Faroe Islands – an almost unreal country far in the fogs with 300 rainy days per year, but well known in European soccer! From today on you can register .fo domains for your company via deLink. A business registration number has to be provided.

If you can prove your rights to the domain e.g. by a trade mark identical to the requested domain name, the domain will be registered right away. If not, your registration request will be published. If there is no objection within 30 days, the domain will be registered for you. The 1st year domain fee contains a one-time application fee.

Problems with e-mail after client updates

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The September patchday updates by Microsoft have changed the behaviour of several e-mail clients: OutLook Express, OutLook, Live Mail, MailDroid and perhaps others. The result: Retrieving and sending e-mail via the deLink mail system is possibly no longer working. Unfortunately in some cases not even an error message appears, e.g. with Live Mail in Windows 8.

The cause

During connection the client checks whether a certificate is installed for the domain which is used to address the mail server. If there is no certificate, e-mail will not be retreived or sent.

The solution

In the settings of your e-mail client replace the name of the mail server, which is mail.<mydomain> following our recommendation (<mydomain> stands for your individual domain name), by

as well for the incoming mail server (POP3 und IMAP) and for the outgoing mail server (SMTP). You may activate SSL encryption at the same time using the follwing settings

Outgoing mail server (SMTP) Port 465
Incoming mail server (POP3) Port 995
Incoming mail server(IMAP) Port 993

With these values set e-mail will function as usual again.



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The new ”Expired Registration Recovery Policy” (ERRP) by the ICANN is intended to support domain owners in regard to domain renewal, deletion and possibly restoration. deLink is obliged to send reminder mails and provide information according to this policy.

Reminder e-mails


From now on domain owners will receive a reminder e-mail about 1 month and about 1 week prior to the renewal date of each domain. These reminder mails will be sent  from or a neutral e-mail address – additionally to the usual reminder e-mails. They will be sent independent from the state of the domain, whether AutoRenew is set or not, or whether a deletion has already been requested or not.

Deleted domains

A domain which has not been renewed will be automatically disconnected after the renewal date. E-mail and the original website will no longer function, instead a website with information about a possible restore will be displayed.

Within 5 days after a domain has been disconnected because of failure to renew, but has not been deleted, a reminder e-mail will be sent which contains information about how to restore the domain. With many TLDs (but not all of them) a restoration after a failure to renew or even after an unintended deletion is possible for several days. For gTLDs (such as .com, .net, .org, .info etc.) – but  not for Sponsored gTLDs – generally a time frame of 30 days is open during which a restoration is possible. Special fees will be charged for restorations, which usually are considerably higher than the yearly fee.


If you have set your domains to AutoRenew at deLink – which we generally recommend – don’t be worried by the ICANN reminder e-mails – your domains will be automatically renewed in time when set to AutoRenew.

New domain ending –

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africa.comDomains for African countries are usually available only under restrictions, complicated to register and rather expensive – if you except e.g. South Africa with the domain.

From today we offer as a Pan African domain. The registration is easy, quick and without any special restrictions. And – be suprised by the price!

New domain ending –

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jp.netAre you experiencing problems to register domains – available only for companies who can provide a Japanese TOUKIBO-TOUHON?

Price too high for .jp domains?

Here comes the inexpensive alternative with a strong connection to Japan – register to join the Japan Network!


New domain ending –

/ Domains @en those who want to strengthen their presence in the country with 1.2 billion inhabitants. Registerable without any special restrictions, quick, safe and inexpensive.

Of course domains under .in or (‘commercial’ to emphasize the commercial character, quite important in Eastern countries) remain available.

New domain ending –

/ Domains @en Hungarian domains may be registered by private persons or companies located in the EU only. The administrative contact however needs a Hungarian postal address. deLink offers a trustee service for ordering Hungarian domains, which is included in the domain fee for .hu and However, a paper form ist required for each registration.

For those who do not want to handle paper forms, who do not like to have a trustee or simply find that the desired Hungarian domains are already registered by someone else, here we have a great alternative – quick, inexpensive and withour restirctions: or!

New domain ending –

/ Domains @en A new offer for Greece: Additional to .gr and is available now. Those new domains can be registered without the need be be approved by the Greek Ministery of Telecommunication – this does faciltate the process.


In any case is an excellent alternative ending in case the domain you wish to register has already been given away for Greece!

New domain ending –

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us.orgSounds pretty good, orginal US so to say! Aplenty of first class domain names are available with this new ending, which have been given away with .us or .org since long. Register without restrictions – excellent value at low prices, simple and quick.


Give room to your creativity, think of staggering combinations such as or!