Phishing e-mails addressed to domain owners

Often disturbed customers, who received ominuos e-mails concerning their domains registered with deLink, ask us for advice.

  • someone wants to register my domain and my “Internet Keyword” what shall I do?
  • someone sent an urgent payment reminder for my domain, have I got to pay?

When you receive e-mails of this kind, please be very cautious! Of course deLink will remind you before your domain expires and tell you whether you have to renew it manually or whether it will be renewd automatically (which is the default method). But there are some very typical methods used to drag the money out of the pockets of domain owners.

spam_delinkVery popular: You get an e-mail – allegedly from an internet provider, in most cases from China, but from Hongkong or Switzerland somtimes, too. You are informed that a company, which is totally unknown to you, has requested registration of your domain or your “Internet Keyword”. But it was detected that this request collides with your interest. You should answer asap regading this issue.

What does that mean? First of all the story about an alien company requesting your domain is completely fictional in most cases. And there is no such thing as an “Internet Keyword” which could be taken from your. The intention is to put you under pressure!

What is the purpose? The sender tries to induce you to register additional domains with different endings and – under pressure – pay exorbitant prices and accept incredible conditions. We have witnessed cases where a customer had to pay several thousand US dollars for just three domains. As soon as you have signed an order fax it will be extremely difficult to escape that trap!

What if you do not react? According to our experience – nothing at all. (If you really want to register the domains which were offered, you can do so via your preferred provider – at normal prices and conditions.)


Serach Engine Submission OfferAnother method method suggest that a domain fee has to be paid – urgently. If you look closer you will find that the payment asked for is not for a domain renewal, but for a search engine submission. The letter is just an offer, not an invoice, though it looks very much like a domain renewal invoice.

Very suggestive is a line e.g. WWW.DELINK.INFO will expire on DECEMBER 03,2013 – Act today!

But it is only the search engine offer, which will expire – not your domain!

Already more than 20 new gTLD in Sunrise

Currently in sunrise among others are already


If you already had your trademark validated by the TMCH, you may now request the corresponding domains. If not, it is high time to place an order for validation!


As a second choice you may request domains without having a validated trademark in the land rush periods of the relevant TLDs – preferred, but rather expensive.

Your last chance to get the desired domains is submission to the going public. It is first come first served then – thus a matter of luck.

Take a look at our list of the most interesting new gTLD – sorted by categories, start date of sunrise, landrush or going public, to get an overview.

Encrypted e-mail transmission

Everyone is talking about it: Who can read which of all the data transmitted via internet?

If you manage your e-mails via deLink you can make it a lot more difficult for unwanted eavesdroppers to read your e-mails: Use encrypted transmission from and to the deLink mail system!

keysThe mail servers at deLink allow encrypted transmission from today. You have the choice – if you want to apply enhanced security, you only have to tell your e-mail client  (OutLook, Thunderbird, MacMail … whatever you use) to do so: Replace the names of your incoming e-mail servers (POP3, IMAP) and outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) as follows:

– until now mail.<mydomain> (<mydomain> to be replaced by your individual domain name)
– new

and activate encryption in your e-mail client. Please refer to the e-mail clients documentation to find out how to do this.

Webmail and e-mail administration can be processed encrypted as well.  Just use for e-mail administration for webmail

You will be forwarded to a secure connection. Your login data for e-mail client, mail administration and webmail remain unchanged.

Redemption Period for .de Domains

Have you already been close to a heart attack after deleting a .de domain accidentally? Until now .de domains were deleted immediately and irrevocably as soon as the request was forwarded to DENIC. And rather often interesting domains were registered by others only minutes later.

denic-eg_logo Now we are done with that: DENIC has introduced a Redemption Grace Period. Since 03.12.2013 the previous domain owner – and the previous domain owner only – has a time limit of 30 days to regain the domain by means of a RESTORE.

We appreciate this change of the regulations – domain grabbers presumably less.

Detailed information is availabe here at DENIC.