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Enhanced access protection to the customer administration interface

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The password used to log in at the deLink Customer Administration Interface can now by set and updated by the customer.

Always keep passwords stored and hidden in a safe place. Change them regularly! A password in the wrong hands can be used to modify domains, websites, certificates and can even lead to domain loss! The deLink system supports your safety by allowing only passwords of a minimum length which contain a mixture of letters, numbers and special characters, e.g.


As an additional safety measure we recommend to limit the access to the deLink Customer Administration interface to specific IPs or IP ranges. You define, from where logging in should be allowed! However, customers with dynamic IPs should not use this feature.

Information On the Customer Administration Interface – October 2013

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A few new functions in the customer administration interface are available:

1. Enhanced access protection to the customer administration interface. Read more…
2. Bulk management for domain modifications. Read more…
3. Filter by domain status. Read more…
4. Domain history. Read more…
5. Show zone of a domain. Read more…
6. Zone orders with predetermined execution time. Read more…

Not new but pretty unknown:

1. Contact based domain notes. Read more…
2. Document Management. Read more…

Document Management

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Documents needed to register or update domains in some cases, such trade marks, business registration certificates or ID cards, you can upload into the deLink Customer Administration Interface now and save it there for further use. This is especially useful for sunrise applications or trade mark validations at the TMCH.

Zone Orders with Scheduled Execution Time

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Changes to DNS entries entered via the zone file editor can by provided with an execution time. Thus you can schedule e.g. changes to redirect targets or the switch to a new hosting server to any date or time you like, perhaps after midnight or during a weekend, without the need to be present at that moment.

Of course DNS requests cannot be timed exactly to a minute. It is a good practice to set the TTL value of the relevant entries to a minimum value (such as 300 seconds) well ahead of the date the change is planned for. Together with scheduled execution of the actual change it will take place within a few minutes.

Imagine planning the lauch of a new website during a press event – using scheduled execution the new website will come up during your speech without the need of any manual interaction at that time!

Domain History

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By clicking on the display of the domain status you can generate an update history report for a domain. It will contain all actions since the domain is under your management. All modifications to the status, contacts and name servers will be shown.