Bösartige Phishing-Mails im Umlauf


Aktuell erhalten viele Domaininhaber gefälschte Mails, die über eine angebliche Sperrung Ihrer Domain wegen Missbrauchs informieren. Die Mails sehen echt aus, weil

  • als Absender deLink oder andere, tatsächlich existierende Registrare angegeben sind
  • die Emailadresse des Empfängers stimmt
  • die persönliche Anrede stimmt
  • die Domain dem Empfänger wirklich gehört

Die Daten sind anscheinend aus den öffentlichen Whois-Informationen der Domain abgegriffen worden. Der Text der Mail lautet in etwa

Dear Hans Mustermann,

The Domain Name youdomain.com have been suspended for violation of the deLink GmbH Abuse Policy.

Multiple warnings were sent by deLink GmbH Spam and Abuse Department to give you an opportunity to address the complaints we have received.

We did not receive a reply from you to these email warnings so we then attempted to contact you via telephone.

We had no choice but to suspend your domain name when you did not respond to our attempts to contact you.

Click here and download a copy of complaints we have received.

Diese Mails sind GEFÄLSCHT.

Wenn Sie auf den angegebenen Link klicken, laden Sie sich mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit einen Trojaner auf Ihr Gerät. Wenn Sie im Zweifel sind, leiten Sie uns bitte die Mail weiter, wir untersuchen sie und geben Ihnen eine Rückmeldung.


HR-Domains nun auch für EU-Firmen

hr_domainsKroatien hat bisher nur Domains unter .co.hr für die Registrierung durch Ausländer angeboten. Die begehrten 2nd-level-Domains mit der Endung .hr blieben inländischen Firmen vorbehalten. Nun dürfen auch Firmen aus der EU meinedomain.hr registrieren!

Folgende Beschränkungen gibt es dabei:

  • Bei der Registrierung muss eine europäische USt-ID angegeben werden
  • Jede Firma (identifiziert durch ihre USt-ID) kann maximal 10 .hr-Domains registrieren

Sie haben eine Firma mit USt-ID in der EU und möchten eine .hr – Domain registrieren? Sprechen Sie uns an oder bestellen Sie direkt über Ihr Kundenlogin auf www.delink.de!

Phishing e-mails addressed to domain owners

Often disturbed customers, who received ominuos e-mails concerning their domains registered with deLink, ask us for advice.

  • someone wants to register my domain and my “Internet Keyword” what shall I do?
  • someone sent an urgent payment reminder for my domain, have I got to pay?

When you receive e-mails of this kind, please be very cautious! Of course deLink will remind you before your domain expires and tell you whether you have to renew it manually or whether it will be renewd automatically (which is the default method). But there are some very typical methods used to drag the money out of the pockets of domain owners.

spam_delinkVery popular: You get an e-mail – allegedly from an internet provider, in most cases from China, but from Hongkong or Switzerland somtimes, too. You are informed that a company, which is totally unknown to you, has requested registration of your domain or your “Internet Keyword”. But it was detected that this request collides with your interest. You should answer asap regading this issue.

What does that mean? First of all the story about an alien company requesting your domain is completely fictional in most cases. And there is no such thing as an “Internet Keyword” which could be taken from your. The intention is to put you under pressure!

What is the purpose? The sender tries to induce you to register additional domains with different endings and – under pressure – pay exorbitant prices and accept incredible conditions. We have witnessed cases where a customer had to pay several thousand US dollars for just three domains. As soon as you have signed an order fax it will be extremely difficult to escape that trap!

What if you do not react? According to our experience – nothing at all. (If you really want to register the domains which were offered, you can do so via your preferred provider – at normal prices and conditions.)


Serach Engine Submission OfferAnother method method suggest that a domain fee has to be paid – urgently. If you look closer you will find that the payment asked for is not for a domain renewal, but for a search engine submission. The letter is just an offer, not an invoice, though it looks very much like a domain renewal invoice.

Very suggestive is a line e.g. WWW.DELINK.INFO will expire on DECEMBER 03,2013 – Act today!

But it is only the search engine offer, which will expire – not your domain!

Already more than 20 new gTLD in Sunrise

Currently in sunrise among others are already


If you already had your trademark validated by the TMCH, you may now request the corresponding domains. If not, it is high time to place an order for validation!


As a second choice you may request domains without having a validated trademark in the land rush periods of the relevant TLDs – preferred, but rather expensive.

Your last chance to get the desired domains is submission to the going public. It is first come first served then – thus a matter of luck.

Take a look at our list of the most interesting new gTLD – sorted by categories, start date of sunrise, landrush or going public, to get an overview.

Redemption Period bei .de-Domains

Haben Sie auch schon einmal fast einen Herzstillstand gehabt, weil Sie versehentlich eine wichtige .de-Domain gelöscht haben? Bisher waren .de-Domains sofort und unwiderruflich weg, wenn der Auftrag bei der DENIC einging. Und interessante Domains waren häufig Minuten später wieder registriert – von wem auch immer.

denic-eg_logoDamit ist es nun vorbei: Die DENIC hat eine Redemption Grace Period eingeführt. Ab dem 03.12.2013 gilt: Wenn eine .de-Domain gelöscht wurde, hat der bisherige Inhaber – und nur dieser – eine Frist von 30 Tagen, um sie mit einem RESTORE wieder zu reaktivieren.

Wir finden diese Änderung gut – Domaingrabber vermutlich weniger.

Ausführliche Informationen dazu finden Sie hier bei der DENIC.

Are they really coming now?

After years of many announcements and even more postponements now the rumours are not ignorable any longer. The sunrise phases of the first newgTLD could start in 2013. On top of the priority list of ICANN there are (besides several endings in IDN spelling):

  • PLAY
  • DOG
  • FOOD
  • RUHR
  • BUY
  • ARTE

donutsThe registry Donuts Inc. estimates that the 60 day sunrise for some of these Domains could be opened at the end of October 2013 – prices, terms and conditions remain unpublished, however.

Did you already apply for a validation of your trade mark at the TMCH? This is the prerequisite to participate during sunrise for each and every new gTLD!


Until today 100% of all applications submitted via deLink have been approved by the TMCH. The reason might be the thorough precheck we are doing with your application documents. How you can submit your application via deLink very easily is described in detail here.

You still have no idea, which of the new gTLD might be important for you? Check here – we have categorized interesting endings. Take advantage of the research we did for you!



Trade mark validation at the TMCH – how to?

In order to apply for a trade mark validation at the TMCH you usually need 3 things

  • a registered trade mark
  • a proof of active use of the mark
  • a confirmation form

In special cases (e.g. if you are not the owner of the mark or if the mark has been assigned to you by a court decision and not by any patent office) additional documents may be required. The electronic application form at deLink helps you there.

Step 1 (in case you are the owner of the trade mark)
Download the confirmation form, complete it (using 3 times the Name of the applicant – identical to the trade mark owner), sign and stamp it and scan it to a file.

Step 2
Set up a proof to demonstrate the active use of your trade mark. Well suited is a screenshot of your website. In the screenshot the URL, the display of the trade mark and the (company) name of the trade mark owner should be visible. A sample for a screenshot which has been used for a successful application you can find here. Photographs of products bearing the mark, catalogue pages etc. are useable as well.

Step 3
Log in at the Customer Administration Interface of deLink. In case you are not yet a customer of deLink please set up a customer account free of cost first.

Step 4
The trade mark (registered at any national or international patent office like OAMI or WIPO) has to be registered and may not be expired. Usually only the trade mark data are required. You may upload the trade mark document as well – this may speed up processing in case any question do arise.

Enter your trade mark at DOMAINS – Documents. Here comes an example:



Step 5
Go to DOMAINS – TMCH Application. Select the trade mark from the marks uploaded before, select the duration, the status of the applicant and the invoicing contact. From the existing data a list of labels is generated. Labels are those names you may use as domain names. If your trade mark contains hyphens, spaces or special characters several labels may be generated, only one otherwise.

Select whether you want to use it for Sunrise Service and/or Claim Service at each label. Usually it makes sense to select both.

Finally upload the files containing the confirmation form and the proof of use. Having done this, you are finished.


What happens now? deLink will check the provided data and documents for completeness and consistency. Please note: This check does not guarantee in any way that your application will be successful – but it may be helpful. If any problem is detected, we will contact you in order to solve it.

Important: Please make sure that the trade mark and the owner are identical and consistent in every piece of data and documents!

If your application is accepted by the TMCH you will receive the confirmation as a SMD file after about 1 week.

.fo – new domain offer: Faroe Islands

.fo domainsThe domain ending .fo stands for Faroe Islands – an almost unreal country far in the fogs with 300 rainy days per year, but well known in European soccer! From today on you can register .fo domains for your company via deLink. A business registration number has to be provided.

If you can prove your rights to the domain e.g. by a trade mark identical to the requested domain name, the domain will be registered right away. If not, your registration request will be published. If there is no objection within 30 days, the domain will be registered for you. The 1st year domain fee contains a one-time application fee.


The new ”Expired Registration Recovery Policy” (ERRP) by the ICANN is intended to support domain owners in regard to domain renewal, deletion and possibly restoration. deLink is obliged to send reminder mails and provide information according to this policy.

Reminder e-mails


From now on domain owners will receive a reminder e-mail about 1 month and about 1 week prior to the renewal date of each domain. These reminder mails will be sent  from expirationwarning@delink.de or a neutral e-mail address – additionally to the usual reminder e-mails. They will be sent independent from the state of the domain, whether AutoRenew is set or not, or whether a deletion has already been requested or not.

Deleted domains

A domain which has not been renewed will be automatically disconnected after the renewal date. E-mail and the original website will no longer function, instead a website with information about a possible restore will be displayed.

Within 5 days after a domain has been disconnected because of failure to renew, but has not been deleted, a reminder e-mail will be sent which contains information about how to restore the domain. With many TLDs (but not all of them) a restoration after a failure to renew or even after an unintended deletion is possible for several days. For gTLDs (such as .com, .net, .org, .info etc.) – but  not for Sponsored gTLDs – generally a time frame of 30 days is open during which a restoration is possible. Special fees will be charged for restorations, which usually are considerably higher than the yearly fee.


If you have set your domains to AutoRenew at deLink – which we generally recommend – don’t be worried by the ICANN reminder e-mails – your domains will be automatically renewed in time when set to AutoRenew.

New domain ending – africa.com

africa.comDomains for African countries are usually available only under restrictions, complicated to register and rather expensive – if you except e.g. South Africa with the .co.za domain.

From today we offer .africa.com as a Pan African domain. The registration is easy, quick and without any special restrictions. And – be suprised by the price!