Better e-mail quality by using SPF

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What can you do to prevent other people from sending spam e-mails using your e-mail address as sender address?

sender_address_sampleThe answer is: Nothing, regrettably. In the same way as you cannot prevent other people writing your address onto a paper envelope and post the letter.

But: You can do something in order to help recipients to reject mails, which were not really sent by you! One useful method if SPF (Sender policy framework). Summarized SPF works like this: You add some information to your domain defining which mail servers you want to authorize as legal sources for your e-mails. The recipient can evaluate this information and reject e-mails or mark them as spam, which have your sender address but were not sent from mail servers authorized by you.

Well, the recipient may use this information, he is not obliged to do so. But an increasing number of recipients use this method and reject e-mails, which were sent from other mail servers than those authorized by you.

How to enter SPF information for your domain? Very simple:

  1. Log in at using your customer login data
  2. Go to DOMAINS -> Manage and click the DNS button next to your domain
  3. Enter the following data at Add new subdomain/service

Subdomain/Service: – leave this field empty –
Type: Select TXT
TTL: – leave this field empty –
Target: v=spf1 -allspf_enter_en

To finish click Add and then Save changes. Approximately 10 minutes later the SPF record for your domain will become public, and the method starts to work.

Please note!

The above entry is correct in case you are sending e-mails with your domain as sender address solely via the deLink mail system. If you are sending e-mails via other systems as well (e.g. a local mail server, via a newsletter provider) you have to add these mail servers to the SPF record.