Encrypted e-mail transmission

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Everyone is talking about it: Who can read which of all the data transmitted via internet?

If you manage your e-mails via deLink you can make it a lot more difficult for unwanted eavesdroppers to read your e-mails: Use encrypted transmission from and to the deLink mail system!

keysThe mail servers at deLink allow encrypted transmission from today. You have the choice – if you want to apply enhanced security, you only have to tell your e-mail client  (OutLook, Thunderbird, MacMail … whatever you use) to do so: Replace the names of your incoming e-mail servers (POP3, IMAP) and outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) as follows:

– until now mail.<mydomain> (<mydomain> to be replaced by your individual domain name)
– new mail.delink-ssl.net

and activate encryption in your e-mail client. Please refer to the e-mail clients documentation to find out how to do this.

Webmail and e-mail administration can be processed encrypted as well.  Just use

http://admin.delink.email for e-mail administration
http://delink.email for webmail

You will be forwarded to a secure connection. Your login data for e-mail client, mail administration and webmail remain unchanged.