Are they really coming now?

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After years of many announcements and even more postponements now the rumours are not ignorable any longer. The sunrise phases of the first newgTLD could start in 2013. On top of the priority list of ICANN there are (besides several endings in IDN spelling):

  • PLAY
  • DOG
  • FOOD
  • RUHR
  • BUY
  • ARTE

donutsThe registry Donuts Inc. estimates that the 60 day sunrise for some of these Domains could be opened at the end of October 2013 – prices, terms and conditions remain unpublished, however.

Did you already apply for a validation of your trade mark at the TMCH? This is the prerequisite to participate during sunrise for each and every new gTLD!


Until today 100% of all applications submitted via deLink have been approved by the TMCH. The reason might be the thorough precheck we are doing with your application documents. How you can submit your application via deLink very easily is described in detail here.

You still have no idea, which of the new gTLD might be important for you? Check here – we have categorized interesting endings. Take advantage of the research we did for you!