Are they really coming now?

After years of many announcements and even more postponements now the rumours are not ignorable any longer. The sunrise phases of the first newgTLD could start in 2013. On top of the priority list of ICANN there are (besides several endings in IDN spelling):

  • PLAY
  • DOG
  • FOOD
  • RUHR
  • BUY
  • ARTE

donutsThe registry Donuts Inc. estimates that the 60 day sunrise for some of these Domains could be opened at the end of October 2013 – prices, terms and conditions remain unpublished, however.

Did you already apply for a validation of your trade mark at the TMCH? This is the prerequisite to participate during sunrise for each and every new gTLD!


Until today 100% of all applications submitted via deLink have been approved by the TMCH. The reason might be the thorough precheck we are doing with your application documents. How you can submit your application via deLink very easily is described in detail here.

You still have no idea, which of the new gTLD might be important for you? Check here – we have categorized interesting endings. Take advantage of the research we did for you!



Trade mark validation at the TMCH – how to?

In order to apply for a trade mark validation at the TMCH you usually need 3 things

  • a registered trade mark
  • a proof of active use of the mark
  • a confirmation form

In special cases (e.g. if you are not the owner of the mark or if the mark has been assigned to you by a court decision and not by any patent office) additional documents may be required. The electronic application form at deLink helps you there.

Step 1 (in case you are the owner of the trade mark)
Download the confirmation form, complete it (using 3 times the Name of the applicant – identical to the trade mark owner), sign and stamp it and scan it to a file.

Step 2
Set up a proof to demonstrate the active use of your trade mark. Well suited is a screenshot of your website. In the screenshot the URL, the display of the trade mark and the (company) name of the trade mark owner should be visible. A sample for a screenshot which has been used for a successful application you can find here. Photographs of products bearing the mark, catalogue pages etc. are useable as well.

Step 3
Log in at the Customer Administration Interface of deLink. In case you are not yet a customer of deLink please set up a customer account free of cost first.

Step 4
The trade mark (registered at any national or international patent office like OAMI or WIPO) has to be registered and may not be expired. Usually only the trade mark data are required. You may upload the trade mark document as well – this may speed up processing in case any question do arise.

Enter your trade mark at DOMAINS – Documents. Here comes an example:



Step 5
Go to DOMAINS – TMCH Application. Select the trade mark from the marks uploaded before, select the duration, the status of the applicant and the invoicing contact. From the existing data a list of labels is generated. Labels are those names you may use as domain names. If your trade mark contains hyphens, spaces or special characters several labels may be generated, only one otherwise.

Select whether you want to use it for Sunrise Service and/or Claim Service at each label. Usually it makes sense to select both.

Finally upload the files containing the confirmation form and the proof of use. Having done this, you are finished.


What happens now? deLink will check the provided data and documents for completeness and consistency. Please note: This check does not guarantee in any way that your application will be successful – but it may be helpful. If any problem is detected, we will contact you in order to solve it.

Important: Please make sure that the trade mark and the owner are identical and consistent in every piece of data and documents!

If your application is accepted by the TMCH you will receive the confirmation as a SMD file after about 1 week.

Enhanced access protection to the customer administration interface

The password used to log in at the deLink Customer Administration Interface can now by set and updated by the customer.

Always keep passwords stored and hidden in a safe place. Change them regularly! A password in the wrong hands can be used to modify domains, websites, certificates and can even lead to domain loss! The deLink system supports your safety by allowing only passwords of a minimum length which contain a mixture of letters, numbers and special characters, e.g.


As an additional safety measure we recommend to limit the access to the deLink Customer Administration interface to specific IPs or IP ranges. You define, from where logging in should be allowed! However, customers with dynamic IPs should not use this feature.

Zone Orders with Scheduled Execution Time

Changes to DNS entries entered via the zone file editor can by provided with an execution time. Thus you can schedule e.g. changes to redirect targets or the switch to a new hosting server to any date or time you like, perhaps after midnight or during a weekend, without the need to be present at that moment.

Of course DNS requests cannot be timed exactly to a minute. It is a good practice to set the TTL value of the relevant entries to a minimum value (such as 300 seconds) well ahead of the date the change is planned for. Together with scheduled execution of the actual change it will take place within a few minutes.

Imagine planning the lauch of a new website during a press event – using scheduled execution the new website will come up during your speech without the need of any manual interaction at that time!