New domain ending –

us.orgSounds pretty good, orginal US so to say! Aplenty of first class domain names are available with this new ending, which have been given away with .us or .org since long. Register without restrictions – excellent value at low prices, simple and quick.


Give room to your creativity, think of staggering combinations such as or!

deLink suggests trademark registration with Trademark Clearinghouse

If you own a trade mark for which you want to register domains with the endings e.g.

it is now time to act! With the new gTLDs there will be sunrise periods as we usually had during the introduction of new top level domains. During the sunrise period you, being a trade mark owner, may secure the corresponding domains before public registration opens and the danger arises, that your important domains could be grabbed by someone else.

If you want to register any domain under the new gTLDs during sunrise, a validation of your trade mark by the Trademark Clearinghouse TMCH is mandatory. Only if you receive the SMD (a file containing the validation information) after a successful validation, you are entitled to register the domains matching your trade marks in advance! In turn you may use the validation of your trade mark for each of the new gTLDs.

Inside deLink’s customer administration interface you will find a comfortable interface to submit your mark to the TMCH. In the Domains / Documents section you can store all documents relevant for domain registrations – trade marks, business certificates, ID card copies. Just choose a trade mark from your document list, enter the additional data for the TMCH submission, upload the additional documents (declaration of use, proof of use and a license declaration if required) and submit your order. deLink will check your order and the documents manually and contact you if any difficulties are found. Important: The responsibility for suitability, completeness and correctness remains entirely with you!

Perhaps several different spellings can be deducted from your trade mark, e.g. if special characters or national character sets are used in the mark name. The web interface of deLink will generate all possible spellings, so called labels. You may use every label deducted for registration in the sunrise periods by activating the Sunrise Services for it.

Additionally you may activate the Trademark Claim Service. If you do so, you will be informed about every registration of a domain matching the selected label during the Trademark Claim Period. At the same time everybody who tries to register such a domain will be warned, that he is possibly violating your rights.

We recommend to activate both Sunrise Service and Trademark Claim Service for each label you are interested in.

If you have any questions about TMCH our support will be happy to help you!